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Visoko Bosnian Pyramids Tour

Visoko Bosnian Pyramids Tour Packages
Country: Bosnia And Herzegovina
City: Visoko
Duration: 8 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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The town is best known for its leather smiths, whose craft has been practiced for over 500 years. High-quality, reasonably priced leather goods can be purchased in the old Carsija. KTK Leather Company is the largest factory of its kind in the country.

Their products can also be found in Sarajevo's Carsija but you're likely to pay more than if you bought them here. The old part of Visoko is a mini version of Sarajevo's Bascarsija. Visoko reached the peak of its development during the late Middle Ages. It became a strong social, political and economic center and had the status of a royal town.

New archeological discovery in the summer of 2005. happened. A specialist from Houston University in the United States who has studied pyramids around the world for over fifteen years has claimed to have found Europe’s first and only pyramid. Visocica Mountain, home to the medieval Bosnian fortress, is now believed to be a man-made, perfectly symmetrical structure – namely a pyramid.

Archeological digs have given great legitimacy to this claim as experts and media from around the globe continue to keep their eye on this most miraculous discovery.





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Tour Details:

DATE: 9AM every day / on request


REMARK: Minimum 2 persons

INCLUDES: Transport, guide

Explore More About Visoko Bosnian Pyramids:

The Bosnian pyramid complex is a pseudoarchaeological notion to explain the formation of a cluster of natural hills in the area of Visoko in central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Direct study of the site by geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists has demonstrated that the hills are natural formations known as flatirons and that there is no evidence that they were shaped by human construction. The European Association of Archaeologists has condemned the so-called 'Bosnian pyramids' as a "cruel hoax"; along with various other scholars they are also concerned about the damage being done to genuine archaeological and paleontological sites: a medieval Bosnian castle, Roman fortifications, and some even more ancient remains.

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