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Vrelo Bune - Buna River Spring

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Vrelo Bune is the natural and architectural ensemble at the Buna river spring situated in the outskirts of Blagaj, some 15 kilometers south-east of Mostar.It is impossible to separate the natural values from the cultural and historical heritage of Blagaj, since its distinctive quality is in the coexistence of the natural and the man-made, in the integration of the physical structure into the landscape.

The Buna is a short river and it is a left bank tributary of the Neretva river. Its source (Bosnian: Vrelo Bune), a strong karst spring, emerging from hugh karst cavern beneath a high vertical cliff. This region is specific for the diversity of its above-ground and underground hydrography. The source of the Buna river is the finest example of an underground karst river. It's one the largest and one of the most beautiful springs in Europe, producing approximately 43 000 liters of water per second.

The architectural ensemble of the Blagaj Tekija (a muslim dervish Sufi monastery) stands by the spring of the Buna river not far from the centre of Blagaj. The musafirhana (guest house) and turbe (mausoleum) are tucked into the natural surroundings, constituting a single entity with the cliffs, source of the Buna river and mills. The ensemble of the Blagaj Tekija was presumably built very soon after Ottoman rule was established in Bosnia, around 1520 at the latest.

Vrelo Bune together with the dervish Tekija is curently under UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.





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