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Višegrad, Bosnia And Herzegovina

If you are visiting Bosnia, you have to see Mehmed Pasha Bridge in Visegrad!

It became worldwide known thanks to Ivo Andric, a Bosnian novelist, who has written the novel „Bridge over Drina“ and got a Nobel prize for it.

Ivo Andric and his book remains the most translated book and author in general from these parts of the world.

The bridge over Drina is a magnificent work of art spanning the river with 11 large arch and several smaller ones. It is one out of the total number of three UNESCO heritage bridge monuments around the world - of which two are in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Take a drive with the old Steam engine train - popularly called Čiro, and enjoy some of the breathtaking views!

On your way to Visegrad be sure to make a photo stop in one of the most serene places in the country – the Romanija mt plateau.

If we are lucky we might see some of Bosnian mountain wild horses on the way to and back from Visegrad.

Did you know that Bosnia has the highest number of wild horses in Europe?

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