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Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

In desire to really know, see and feel the unfortunate Bosnian genocide, there is no better way but to visit Srebrenica. Today Srebrenica is a symbol of sorrow and injustice around the world.

Those poor people were left all alone, when they were supposed to be protected by UN, and given into the slaughtering hands of serbian army! So in a way this tour can help understand what Srebrenica is today, what it had been yesterday, but most of all what Srebrenica can become with your help and help of others.

Life may be returning to normal in Srebrenica, but the women and children who survived will continue to live their lives without their brothers, fathers, husbands and friends.

Despite its tragic past, the beautiful dense forests that line the hillside or the plethora of bears and wolves that roam the wilderness to the southeast of town are certainly a site to see.
There are nice places to see in and around Srebrenica. The natural thermal springs, the stunning pine covered hills, and lovely villages that dot the countryside.

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