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Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Mostar is the largest city in the southern part of the country, and if one of the most visited tourist destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The attractive charm of the old town, especially the part along Neretva, captivates you for several hours in a single location while you are enjoying the view and absorbing the sounds. As opposed to other world's cities, here nobody will ask you to leave, even if you have been sitting there for hours and having Bosnian coffee.

The Old Bridge was completed in 1566, when it was proclaimed the greatest architectural achievement built during the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. No matter how many times you crossed the Old Bridge, every crossing is an exciting experience. This single-arch stone bridge was built according to the design of Hajrudin, disciple of one of the greatest Ottoman architects, Mimar Sinan. The length of the arch is 28.7 meters, or 21 m above the level of Neretva river. Two towers, Halebija and Tara, were built for the guards of the bridge and were used as weapons storage rooms during the Ottoman Empire.

However the oldest arch bridge in Mostar is Kriva Ćuprija on Radobolja river. This bridge was built by the Ottoman architect Ćejvan Ketoda in 1558, and it is believed that this bridge was built as a test bridge prior to construction of the Old Bridge.

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