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Međugorje, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Međugorje has been a place dedicated to Peace since Mary's first aparition. These were the first divine words:„Children! Pray for Peace“. This is why Međugorje Mary is the „Queen of Peace“.

The story of Medugorje is well known to most Catholics. In 1981 six teenagers were playing together in the hills between the villages of Medugorje and Bijakovici.

It was on this barren hillside that Mother Mary appeared and spoke to them. When the children told their parents the first reaction was scepticism. The apparitions, however, did not cease. She appeared again and again and soon made believers out of even the most vocal of critics. Since then it is estimated that over 15 million people have visited this tiny place. Medjugorje has become the one of the largest Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world. 

There has been much controversy over the legitimacy of the visions, so much so that the Pope has not recognized it as an official pilgrimage site. Nonetheless, millions of faithful Catholics from all over the world visit this sacred spot, and the many amazing accounts suggest that miracles are a regular occurrence here - the Virgin Mary is said to still appear every day to three of the teenagers and once a year to the other three.

Citluk is the centre of the Brotnjo Hill located on the right bank of the Neretva River. Brotnjo region is famous for its excellent wine and tobacco products. There are many wineries which are enlisted as the project “Vinske ceste” (vine roads of Herzegovina) where you can taste and buy some of the popular local wines (Zilavka and Blatina).

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