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Kozara National Park

Prijedor, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Kozara National Park  is a national park in Bosnia, that was proclaimed a protected national forest in 1967 by the Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito. It is situated between the rivers Una, Sana, Sava and Vrbas. These 3494.5 ha of protected area with dense forest and hilly meadows have earned the nickname 'Green Beauty of Krajina region.

Kozara is also a popular hunting ground, with a large 180 square kilometers area of the park open to regulated hunting of deer, pheasants, foxes, boars, hares and ducks.

One part of the park is designated for nature lovers.Walking, hiking, biking and herb picking are among the many activities in Kozara.

The site of the National Park Kozara was also a former battleground during World War II. The Partisans intimate knowledge of Bosnia's rough terrain gave them an advantage over the newly occupying Nazi Germans.

In the center of the park today you can find the memorial site of the WW2 event with a museum.

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