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Jajce, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Jajce, made of stone, light and water, is a royal town and an open air museum, built on the confluence of two great rivers - the Pliva and the Vrbas. Around Jajce you can find the beautiful Great and Small Pliva where you can still find old water mills producing flower.

The most recognizable symbol of Jajce is its magnificent 17 meter high waterfall is in the very heart of the town, making Jajce one of the most unique towns in the world.

Its historical importance, its townscape value, its archeological remains and its natural beauty makes Jajce a very interesting place to visit.

And lets not forget that Jajce was also the birth place of Socialist Yugoslavia, where all peoples and nation sat together after the horror of WW2 and decided to live together in one country where all will be equal – a country that we know today as Tito's Yugoslavia.

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