Exploring Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Bosnia and Herzegovina Popular Places to Visit

Maglic Mountain

Maglic Mountain is part of the mountain range on the border between Bosnia and Montenegro. The best photos are often from the heart-shaped lake, Trnovačko, in Montenegro.

Volujak Mountain

Volujak Mountain is on the border between Bosnia and Montenegro in Republika Srpska. Hiking this beautiful mountain can be a fun challenge for outdoor enthusiasts.

Trebisnjica River

Trebinje, a town in Republika Srpska, has the Trebisnjica River passing through. The best view of the historic Ottoman style Arslanagic Bridge is from Crkvina Hill.

Drina River

Visegrad’s UNESCO-listed Ottoman bridge over the Drina River was designed by one of the greatest architects of the time and is a major tourist attraction in Bosnia.  

Kravice Waterfall

When Spring comes, Kravice Waterfall is a great place to visit. When Summer comes, less water flows but it’s shallow enough for locals and tourists to swim in the river.

Una River

Discovered by the Romans and called Una, this river stretches a total of 212 kilometres along the border of Bosnia and Croatia. Some say it’s one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Una River has a range of water sports including paddle boating, kayaking, and white river rafting.

Sutjeska National Park

The national park Sutjeska is the oldest and the biggest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is the home to the last virgin forest in Europe. Moreover, the highest peak of Maglic mountain (2386 m) is also situated inside the national park and it is at the same time the highest peak of the country. People mostly visit Sutjeska

Janjske Otoke

Janjske Otoke, near Sipovo, is one of the most popular places for camping, hiking, and off-road cycling in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can enjoy the forests, the river and waterfalls.


Located between Doboj and Zenica is Zepce, a beautiful town in the valley that’s surrounded by mountains. The roaring River Bosna flows through.

Buna Springs

Dervish House in Buna Springs is one of the most visited places in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a beautiful mixture of natural beauty and architecture. It is not so far from the town-village Blagaj (only 7 km from Mostar) in Herzegovina. The Buna spring that is source of river Buna is one of the largest and most beautiful springs in Europe.