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Paviljon Hotel

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One of the oldest restaurants Bihac is cafe Pavilion. It is not known who was an idea that the former walls of a fortified city held one of the most beautiful city tavern which many Biscani associated with many happy memories. From reliable sources it is known that the building was built immediately after the arrival of the Austro-Hungarian authorities in Bihac. Complete change of appearance and content of the object is aligned with the current demands of the quality level of a three-star. The 13 modern and well equipped single and double rooms, most of which are overlooking the emerald river Una and balcony, a unique atmosphere of natural features with modern offer to tourists and business guests. One look through the glass walls towards the river Una enough to each guest inextricably connected to this city and queen of all rivers. It seems that Una is part of the hotel, taking part in every activity guests, changing colors and moods, changing the atmosphere. Such unique ambience is ideal for vacation but also for business, as the hotel is equipped to host business or sports conferences entertainment, private lunches and dinners, and simultaneous distance (atmosphere) and proximity (space) the center of Bihac, will facilitate your decision to come to the hotel Pavilion when you go during Bihac. Rooms at the Pavilion are simple, with warm colors and forms, but the equipment and comfort meet all the requirements, whether it is a comfortable accommodation, air conditioning, harmonious and practical bathroom. 

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