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Log Floating Tour On Drina River

Log Floating Tour On Drina River Packages
Country: Bosnia And Herzegovina
City: Goražde
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Log Floating

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The rivers of Bosnia offer many excitements and one of them certainly a log-floating tradition that goes far away into the past.

The Drina River is famous for its attractive canyon landscapes and fish. It is heaven for fishermen and a perfect place for various water sports such as rafting and kayaking. The log-floating is another tradition on the Drina River.

The rivers were used from ancient times as the quickest means of transportation of wooden logs. Rivers Drina and Tara invite you to dare to eat on the log-float and sail downwards.


Enjoy Drina's kayaking ride. Kayak sportsmen discovered the beauty of the Drina river back in 1923. There is also an opportunity to learn a basic of kayaking on white waters. Enjoy a Unique nature environment, with drinkable water from the river, beautiful canyon, rapids, and creeks.

Enjoy rafting adventure on the Drina, river as beautiful as river Tara. In addition to breathtaking landscapes, Drina will reward you with a powerful, victorious feeling, every single time. Have lunch on the river, specialty of local cuisine.

Whitewater rafting has become such a popular extreme sport among travelers that many destinations around the world have become famous for their thrilling and challenging rivers. As fun and exciting as it may be, we can’t forget that whitewater rafting entails an element of risk due to the elements of nature.

No matter how easy or challenging your rafting experience might be; you should always follow these basic tips to ensure that your thrilling experience is as safe as possible.

Prepare beforehand
If you have never gone rafting, you should educate yourself on the sport. Know what it is and what you should be capable of doing. Be honest with yourself. Don’t try doing a Class V river on your first ride.

Know your physical limitations
Are you a good swimmer? Can you endure upper body exercises for a couple of hours? If so, good! If not, try taking some swimming lessons before your trip. Exercising your upper body is good to achieve some resistance on longer rafting trips.

Know the classifications
Rivers are classified into six classes –from Class I (easy) to Class VI (likelihood of death if attempted). For first-timers, a Class II (or even Class III) is a good place to start while still having a thrilling experience. Choose your Class according to your physical limitations.

Know the river
Rivers have different behaviors during the year. Summer rafting is usually calmer, due to low water volume. On the other hand, some rivers take advantage of the melting snow –more water flow– and some even have daily dam releases.

Check local regulations
Some countries might have an age limitation to the raft. Some places don’t allow rafters under the age of 12.

NEVER go rafting alone
Rafting should never be done solo. If you’re a newbie rafter, try going with an experienced guide. If you’re experienced, do go with other experienced rafters. But never alone.

Don’t drink alcohol before your whitewater rafting trip
I know you want to have fun, right? But, drinking alcohol before rafting will not only endanger you but also be a risk to other rafters.

Do not raft in the dark
Rafting should be done while there is plenty of sunlight. Try coordinating your trip so that it ends before darkness falls. In some rivers, there is “moonlight” rafting, but these should only be done with well-experienced companies and guides. Rafting in a pitch-black river can be kind of creepy!

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